Marc Pautrel is a french writer born in 1967. After studying law, he decided to devote himself to writing. He is the author of ten novels published in France by Editions Gallimard, including The Princely Life (La vie princière, 2018) which was a bestseller in France. He lives in Bordeaux, southwestern France.

(photography Francesca Mantovani / Gallimard)

- Born in France in 1967. First move at the age of three weeks and change of city every two or three years due to the work of his father (bank executive), lives in a dozen cities throughout France .
- In childhood, travels to Spain, England and Italy.
- In 1987, studying at the Institute of Political Studies (Sciences-Po) and then at the Faculty of Law in Bordeaux.
- In 1989, begins to write. Graduate degree in private law from Bordeaux University.
- From 1992, devotes himself entirely to writing.
- In 2006, meets the famous french writer Philippe Sollers in Bordeaux.
- In 2006 and 2007, publication of several short stories in the review L'Infini (Éditions Gallimard).

- May 7, 2009: publication of the first novel published by Editions Gallimard in the collection "L'Infini" directed by Philippe Sollers: L’homme pacifique français (The Peaceful Man).
- Stays in Italy (Venezia) and in Spain (Barcelona).

- January 13, 2011: Gallimard publishes the novel Un voyage humain
français (A Human Journey).
- In writing residence at Villa Marguerite Yourcenar (France, North).

- Stays one month in Japan (Tokyo, Kyoto) as laureate of the 'Stendhal Missions' of the Institut Français

- January 10, 2013: Gallimard
publishes the novel Polaire français (Polar).
- Stays one month in Mexico (México, Puebla) with the Aquiatine region's support.
- In writing residence in Brive (France, Corrèze).
- In writing residence at Chalet Mauriac (France, Gironde).
- Intervention during university conference "Littérature du moi, autofiction et hétérographie dans la littérature française et en français du XXe et du XXIe siècles" organized by Bordeaux III University, 25/10/2013.

- In writing residence at Maison Julien Gracq (France, Maine-et-Loire).
- October 2, 2014: Gallimard
publishes the novel Orpheline français (Orphan Girl).

- Receives the Writer's Residence Prize from La Fondation des Treilles and stays two monthes at the Fondation des Treilles Domain (France, Var).
- Stays two monthes in Israël (Jerusalem), in writing residence with the Institut Français of Jerusalem.

- January 14, 2016: Gallimard
publishes the novel Une jeunesse de Blaise Pascal français (A Blaise Pascal's Youth).
- Receives the Henri de Régnier Prize (Académie Française) with Une jeunesse de Blaise Pascal.
- Publication in Italy of 
Una giovinezza di Blaise Pascal italiano (Translation by Francesco Bergamasco), Milan, Editions Archinto.

- January 3, 2017: Gallimard
publishes the novel La sainte réalité (Vie de Jean-Siméon Chardin) français (The Holy Reality, Jean-Siméon Chardin's Life).
- In the Décembre Prize shortlist with La sainte réalité

- January 4, 2018: Gallimard
publishes the novel La vie princière français (The Princely Life).
- La vie princière is a bestseller in France.

- Receives the Ile-de-France High School Students Prize with La vie princière.
- August 29, 2019: Gallimard
publishes the novel L'éternel printemps français (The Eternal Springtime).

- June 3, 2021: Gallimard
publishes the novel Le peuple de Manet français (The Manet's Nation).

- T
he french review "L'Infini" n° 148 (Éditions Gallimard) publishes L'enterrement de Poquelin Molière français (Poquelin Molière's funeral), a short novel written for the Molière's 400th anniversary (1622-2022).

- February 9, 2023: Gallimard
publishes the novel Un merveilleux souvenir français (A Wonderful Memory).
- A MARC PAUTREL Papers collection is created by the Bordeaux Municipal Library, gathering the manuscripts and archives donated by the author (see the press release).

- August 23, 2024: Editions ALLIA publish the poem Le seul fou
français (The Only Fool).